Design & Print media

First impressions about your business are formed on first contact, whether by telephone, through your website or printed marketing collateral.


Image is everything and first impressions really do count. Building a brand includes a number of factors, but visual impact is the most important, as it often happens before the client has had a chance to experience your other attributes.


So get it right! Don’t skimp on quality . . . rather skimp on quantity.


Logo design & printed media should set you apart in the market, reflect what you stand for, and be applied consistently across all client touch points & marketing material.


Partnering with Bold Horizon


marketSMARTS partners with Bold Horizon in Hamilton, New Zealand.  Their graphic designers are experienced, and understand the importance of applying brand strategy into graphic design that is both creative and relevant to your target audience. They don’t just produce graphics, they produce graphics that speak.


Bold Horizon range of graphics and design applications include:

#  Logos & brand development

#  Business stationery & corporate identity

#  Brochures & direct mail design

#  General promotional material

#  Signage systems & vehicle graphics

#  Brand guidelines & “house style” manuals


Before we design your brochures, advertising or media campaigns we do our research, and take the time to understand YOUR customers, so that we can help you build stronger relationships with them, and set you apart from your competitors.


The key elements applied to marketing brochure design are:

# Aligning content to your brand strategy

#  Headline that commands immediate attention and interest

#  Concise copy that presents your point of difference

#  High quality images to support the words

#  Striking graphics that reflect your brand identity

#  A compelling and clear call-to-action

#  How prospects can contact you


We have the marketing knowledge necessary to make your brochure RELEVANT, not just a pretty face. We align content to brand strategy, and ensure the copywriting & content presents your UNIQUE VALUE to your clients.


Your media and marketing collateral will break through the clutter . . . and get you noticed.


Contact Janice if you would like us to quote you on a project . . . or just have a chat to discuss your options