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As a business owner, you have several options for handling your marketing. None of them are right or wrong, but the best choice for your situation needs to be considered carefully.


You could handle it all yourself . . . with the idea that no one understands your business quite the way you do. But this means that attention is taken away from other  projects and responsibilities. Demands of your core business are bound to pull focus away from marketing efforts until something falls to the floor.


You may consider hiring a full time marketing manager or new employee . . . taking time to place ads, conduct interviews, sort through applicants, hoping to find the right person for the job. After a training period, factor in employee benefits along with the extra admin and you’re talking a significant long term commitment of resources. Salaried staff may seem an attractive option initially, but you may be paying full time costs for something that doesn’t warrant full time attention. How cost effective is that?


You could assign the tasks, as they arise, to someone already working within your organization . . . but, when your business needs plumbing work do you do it yourself or hire a plumber?


Although some marketing ventures seem simple enough to handle ”in house”, a misfire can be very costly. Not only might you waste budget sending the wrong messages to the wrong market segments, but by the time you catch it you face a huge task to  redirect your efforts. The truth is, no one can juggle the variables as effectively and efficiently as someone who lives and breathes the industry every day and has the right contacts.


Let us help you decide


SME business owners juggle many balls, getting immersed in day to day operations and can easily lose focus on the marketing activities, which are often seen as a “nice to have” rather than a MUST have.


We can give you an objective opinion . . . as well as a fresh point of view from the perspective of your customers


We can cherry pick the appropriate marketing mix . . . over 20 years in the industry gives us the advantage of knowing how to be efficient with choices


We can can access specific marketing talent . . . to solve specific problems, and know which talent is appropriate for your situation

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