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There has never been a more important time for small businesses to invest in the effectiveness of their sales and marketing activities. Research shows that businesses are 2.5 times more likely to survive if employers continue to train their staff, especially during a downturn when businesses are not recruiting staff, and need their current staff to take on more responsibility, sometimes in an unfamiliar area of the business.


In the fast changing world of competitive business EVERYONE in your company should be marketing and sales “aware” when engaging with clients, no matter what their actual job role is.


Why is this important?


It is especially important that when staff interact with your clients, they are able to:

1 – recognise when a new business opportunity raises it’s head

2 – understand the impact on the business when you lose a client

3 – learn how to build client loyalty in their specific job role

4 – see their job role within the bigger picture of your business

5 – understand which aspects of their job role supports the marketing & sales efforts


There is often “unrecognised” sales and marketing talent in a business . . .
so let us help you find it. Develop it. Nurture it.


How marketSMARTS can help you


#1 – We fit our time around yours


It is not always possible for to put aside time to up-skill yourself or staff during normal business hours. We are happy to offer you early evening training or weekends should this better suit your situation or requirements.


#2 – Customised training to suit your specific business situation

Many marketing and sales companies offer “vanilla” courses or modules that could be applied to any business type, making it difficult for you to “cherry pick” the right mix of activities that will produce results for YOUR specific business. We customise the modules to help you select the aspects of marketing that are applicable to your industry sector or business type, and to overcome the problems you may encounter on a day to day basis.


We also conduct the advice and up-skilling sessions on your premises within the context of your day to day environment, and tackle real life situations that you are dealing with at that moment in time.


#3 – Practical marketing skills that anyone can learn

We cut through the theory and buzzwords and make it easy to follow the practical aspects of sales and marketing so that anyone in the business can pick up the skills and implement marketing activities as if they were experts. Effective marketing requires attention to detail, understanding the subtleties in between, and logic in following the process.


#4 – Strategic planning linked to measurable implementation


All marketing modules include identifying objectives, developing strategy and formulating action plans with measurement factors to repeat successes and mitigate risks. Marketing and sales activities need to meet the strategic aims of the business, whilst at the same time make it easy for staff to see the link between high level strategy and day to day implementation in the context of their own job roles.


There is also the perception that anyone can do marketing by just looking it up on the internet and applying the techniques. Yes, anyone can do that. The trick is to know which strategy to choose, how to do it, and get the timing right. It’s like playing chess. There are many opportunities to get it wrong, and different strategies are required against different opponents, at a different point in time.


#5 – Marketing 101 as well as advanced marketing

We help SME business up-skill existing staff who have no knowledge of marketing to understand the basics from a practical perspective, or we can re-enforce the skills of experienced marketers who need specific knowledge in a new area of marketing, such as social media or online techniques.


#6 – Access to international best practice at an affordable price


With over 20 years in international marketing and sales, and 10 years in New Zealand, Janice Roth has developed and scaled down proven best practice marketing techniques to suit the smaller economy of New Zealand, whilst maintaining the necessary standards for companies wishing to conduct business on an international level. These modules that have been developed and tested through best practice companies such as Xerox, Ericsson, Philips, Plessey Communications, Wilson Learning, Advtech and Telecom NZ, to name just a few.


#7 – Help you understand when to be creative & when to be scientific with your marketing


To effectively manage or implement marketing activities it is important to be aware of, and ANTICIPATE rapidly changing marketplace and customer demands. Many companies develop an annual marketing plan, thinking they don’t need to revise it until the next year. Marketing is often seen as mainly a creative profession, but it also requires a “scientific” approach in being able to understand which variables are outside your control, when to use a pro-active versus a re-active response, and how to measure effectiveness.


#8 – Develop marketing IP that meets the strategic aims of the business


Employees rarely stay with one employer for life, which means training choices should suit both the individual and the strategic aims of the business. Should the individual move on, the IP of the training can be transferred to another individual, and remain within the business as a “skills asset.”


#9 – Marketing techniques that keep up with a changing business environment


The basics of marketing remain constant 70% of the time. The other 30% is influenced by the techniques, methods and tools you use to accommodate changes in the market, the profile of business owners, customer buying criteria, the technology you use and your communication style.


#10 – Balance “generational” talents & skills


Millennials, Gen-Y’s, Gen X and Baby Boomer approaches, skills & communications styles all have a place in your business, and understanding how best to utilise their individual strengths will bring creativity, synergy and balance to your business.


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