August 25, 2014

Importance of Effective Communication

Everyone communicates. Whether verbal or nonverbal, and if we don’t do it well people could misinterpret what you mean. Communication will determine whether you go through life always feeling misunderstood, or whether people interact with you in a positive manner.

The question to ask is “do you want to be in charge of how people respond and react to your communication, and the opinions they form about you, or do you want THEM to be in control of how they interpret your communication?”

Most people pass the buck and say “it’s not my problem. I communicated clearly and they didn’t understand me – they should have listened better”.

What you do matters as much as what you say. It’s now accepted that words account for only 7-11% of verbal or face to face communication. Your overall behaviour will ‘read’ unconsciously to other people, on which they will form their opinion of you. Without body language or voice cues, email and written communication becomes a critical part of your communication mix.

Language is one of the most powerful reflections of how we think and feel about ourselves and others. Being aware of the padding, justifications and excuses you use and whether they are appropriate, can significantly improve your communication skills, and simply changing some of your language and approach could make a huge impact.

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