August 25, 2014

Importance of Client Engagement

Why is it important for your business?

Effective client engagement is the key ingredient for building brand loyaly.

Satisfaction . . . this is simply the foundation, and the minimum requirement, for a continuing relationship with customers. Engagement extends beyond JUST satisfying needs or proving good customer service.

Loyalty – retention . . . highly engaged customers are more likely to be loyal, resulting in less “churn”, which in turn lowers your COST of client acquisition, and an increase in the RATE of new client acquisition.

Word of mouth advertising – advocacy . . . highly engaged customers are more likely to conduct free (for the company), credible (for their audience) word of mouth advertising. This can drive new customer acquisition and can have a long term viral effect.

Awareness – effectiveness of communication . . . when customers are exposed to communication from a company that they are highly engaged with, they tend to actively elaborate on it’s central idea. This brings about a high degree of central processing and recall, which leads to top of mind awareness when people want to make a purchase decision.

Complaint-behaviour . . . highly engaged customers are less likely to complain to other customers, and will address the company directly instead.

Marketing intelligence . . . highly engaged customers can give valuable recommendations for improving the quality of your offering, and view themselves as being on the “inside looking out”, rather than the” outside, looking in”.

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