August 25, 2014

Client Engagement vs. Selling

There is the perception that selling is just for sales people. Well, sorry to disillusion you, but anyone, no matter their job role, if they have client interaction, they are in sales! Every human being, every day, is selling something, whether it’s an idea to a colleague, convincing your spouse or children to do something, or talking to customers in ANY capacity.

Every client touch point across the business, regardless of reason, is an opportunity to sell and idea, service or goods, whether it be for money or to gain their attention.

This is especially important SME companies, many of whom can’t afford dedicated expertise, and therefore expect employees to be “open” to new business opportunities whilst conducting day to day communication.

Everyone in the business is in sales, no matter their title. And everyone needs to engage with clients.

However, there are some fundamental differences between a client engagement approach compared to the traditional marketing and sales approaches, and this has mainly been brought about by the internet and social media opportunities. You can run . . . but you can’t hide from the internet!

A good sales strategy should help you find, approach and keep clients engaged during the sales process, and get them to take action. A key ingredient is that each step of the client engagement process should encourage the client to WANT to know more, WANT to engage with you, and see you as the company that will help them make the correct buying decision. Even if it’s not for your product, but sets you up as the company to come to whom they can trust to give them the right advice.

This is a very different approach to the usual aim of GOING FOR THE DEAL, NO MATTER WHAT!

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