How well does your website perform?

There is no point in having a website just for the sake of having one. Your website needs a clearly defined purpose that includes online persuasion and conversion elements which should complement your traditional marketing activities.

Option 1 – Company Website Review
$1,400 plus GST (special for this month is $850)

This review assesses your website across 5 main categories, with approx. 20 criteria within each category, identifies strengths and weaknesses against an industry standard, allocates priorities, and puts forward recommendations to attract visitors, keep them interested and convert visitors to loyal customers.

Option 2 – Competitor Website Review
Price – $2,300
plus GST

Assesses the same aspects as the Company Website Review, measures your performance against 3 competitors in your industry and identifies gaps for improvement in order to differentiate yourself and meet an industry benchmark.

Websites objectives

You want to attract visitors, keep them on your site, get them to take an action that results in continued interest to engage with you and converts to revenue.

Attract visitors . . . to drive traffic to your website, keep them interested and get them to stay through relevant and engaging marketing content

Qualify visitors as prospects . . . . identify how to communicate through key messages, headlines, calls to action and client  hooks

Convert prospects into clients . . . . close the loop on purchase and sales decisions through logical purchase pathways

Measure effectiveness . . . understand what’s working and what’s not working, and whether you meet an industry standard

Maintain client loyalty . . . promote repeat purchase, referrals and position your company as an industry expert

Provide an efficient, easy online experience . . . lower cost of sale and improve efficiency of operational process through automation of client admin functions. (without loss of personal interaction)


The Website Review

We assesses 5 vital areas of your website and gives you a performance rating of 1-10, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, includes the factors that influence how visitors will make the decision to engage with you, make a purchase, or leave and go elsewhere.

The main criteria are:

1. First impressions & aesthetic appeal . . . when visitors get to your site do they want to stay?

2. Layout and navigation . . . once on your site is it easy to find critical information and move around?

3. Marketing & Information relevance . . . communicating and presenting appropriate content

4. Sales persuasion & conversion . . .  how effective is your site at visitor engagement & converting visits to sales

5. SEO & site performance . . . measurement of important factors that affect site awareness, indexing, technical performance and popularity.


Factors that influence your scorecard ratings

This assessment is a top line indication on what needs attention, where to focus, how important it is, and suggestions for improvement. Your overall performance rating is further influenced by whether you are meeting an industry standard for your business type, and balances:

Are you doing it?

Are you doing it well?

Are you doing it better than competitors?

The Review Report

1. Scorecard rating & graphs

2. Key strengths and weaknesses

3. Action plan highlighting priorities

4. Tips & Advice on how to meet and industry standard or improve problem areas

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