Why is website optimisation important?

If customers can’t find you they will go to your competitors. More than 70% of people search for information online and if they can’t find YOUR business you won’t be on their short list when they are considering a purchase. Your website doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but it does need to be found, preferably through organic searches rather than paid advertising. (more on organic searches later)

Website optimisation is the practice of integrating both SEO techniques with sales and marketing tactics so that your brand promise and visitor experience are cohesive across both traditional and online communications.

A good website requires a combination of:

Marketing & Sales optimisation . . . complements your offline marketing and sales activities, uses appropriate marketing techniques and well formulated content to make the site interesting and relevant to visitors, professionally promotes your brand, and engages with customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) . . . is the practice of making your site more visible to the search engines so that they can index your site and help it appear higher in Google rankings, so that when potential customers search for the information they are looking for they are more likely to find YOUR business.

It is the ultimate ‘pull’ marketing channel. SEO  is bandied about as a much used phrase by everyone who designs or develops websites. Many of the basic SEO knowledge, skills and techniques are freely available on the internet, at no cost. However, Google changes their criteria often, using complex algorithms, and unless you know what these are, you could end up with SEO on a road to nowhere. This is why it is important to use an expert who can track criteria and alert you should changes to your website be necessary.

You should optimise your website when . . .

  • it is more than 3 years old and hasn’t had any significant changes
  • not everyone knows your company name and may search on services or products only
  • it is your main window to the world as a marketing brochure
  • you want people to find you “over” your competitors
  • pay-per-click adwords is working out too expensive for you
  • would like more than 40% of your leads to come through your website
  • want to improve business  efficiency and process
  • want to automate client interaction without loss of personal communication

How can marketSMARTS help you?

We improve your ability to get found by search engines and get placed on the first page for organic searches, drive visitors to your website, keep them there and get them to take an action that results in a sale or ongoing communication with your company.

We consider aspects such as:

  • getting your site indexed and ranked by search engines so that you get found by visitors who use particular keywords and phrases to find you
  • help you understand the factors you need to consider when developing your website navigation and sitemap
  • meet the best practice guidelines for online searching
  • what to consider when formulating content so that it satisfies both marketing and SEO requirements
  • how to balance your online strategies with offline media strategies
  • develop content with correct hooks and calls to action
  • using your website as a database marketing tool
  • identify what keywords and phrases your target market prefer to use
  • craft URL page names, meta tags and html coding that is friendly to search engines
  • correct placement of keywords and phrases on your web pages
  • how to build a network of links from other sites
  • how to use piggy back marketing techniques with partners
  • generate leads better commercial results through 2 way communication methods
  • when to use pay-per-click (PPC) versus SEO

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