Technology tools in the form of systems or software can be crucial in helping you achieve the balance between EFFECTIVENESS & EFFICIENCY, and if done with foresight can contribute a large return on your investment.


The best use of technology is to automate and synchronize business process with your relationship building client facing interaction. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But for it to work everyone involved in the process must WANT to use it. Otherwise you end up with a huge white elephant, which often creates the impression that the systems don’t work, when in reality it is because no one wants to use them.


Research shows that:

43% of companies use less than half the functionality of their existing system

72% indicate they would trade functionality for ease of use

51% say data synchronization is a major issue

67% say that finding time to evaluate systems is a major problem


Use software that is simple, fun and easy to use


Historically, there are very low adoption rates in the use of new systems and technology by end users in their business environment. This is because staff very often find that new systems are complicated to learn and don’t always see the need to change from something else that is familiar and working just fine, thank you very much! So don’t just buy technology for the sake of having technology. Make it easy and fun to use.


marketSMARTS approach to finding Marketing and Knowledge base Software


Choose robust, proven, fun and easy to use software that can help you overcome these ‘take up and adoption’ challenges. Look for software that automates process, increases efficiency, yet allows you to maintain a personal interaction with your clients.


Look for a company that develops website and management, shopping cart, knowledge management and email marketing software and who are willing to go that extra step to provide you with great products and first class support every time you deal with them.


Been in business a while with a proven track record and can provide references. Good if they have international affiliates as this ensures that software will likely have common industry standards.


Provide excellent support and mean it – Email, forum and knowledge base support is available and all questions receive a response from an expert.


Products come with free updates and technical support – They also offer a 60 day no-questions-asked refund policy to every new customer.


Learn from their customer feedback – When customers suggest new features and ideas, they take them on board and include them in product updates.


Products are always under constant development and refinement – All  products are mature, stable and most importantly real business solutions — and use their products to power their own systems.


Whether you’re a small, medium or large company, they offer a flexible, affordable licensing structure that’s right for you.


Independently evaluated and reviewed by an externally recognised body who have internationally recognised standards of businesss practices and ethics. When you buy from them you’re buying from a legitimate online seller with years of experience and many of customers.


Software is easy to integrate – For example, it’s easy to integrate into other systems, or complementary to them with very little coding, so that once implemented changes happen at the ‘touch of a button’.


They are a real software company staffed by a real team of experienced people – They have dedicated teams of software developers, product managers, marketing staff and customer support professionals. They have plans to keep growing, and developing and improving their software. .