How well do you understand your market, your customers and the subliminal reasons behind why they would want to make a purchase from YOU? Smart selling is about understanding buying behaviour, projecting accurate sales figures, keeping the sales funnel topped up and engaging with customers at a level they prefer, not what you prefer.


Smart salespeople know it’s not all about getting the deal, but about building client relationships through active listening, patience and measuring and monitoring the key events in the sales cycle . . .  in order to understand where the process is stalling, take corrective action and recognise other opportunities to engage with their client.




Q1: Why do prospects buy AND don’t buy from you?


Q2: Does your brand create a bond with your customers?


Q3: What is the difference between a suspect and a prospect?


Q4: What are the key events of your sales cycle?


Q5: What are your client expectations?


Q6: How many invisible salesman are working on your behalf?


Q7: How do you know if your message is understood by your clients?


Q8: What is the value of your lost opportunities?


Q9: Does your sales message sell or tell?


Q10: Are you are mining for gold in your own sandbox?


Q11: Do your customers think you are as good as you say you are?


Q12: Does your product or service provides mutual satisfaction?


Q13: Do you measure conversion rates ALL the way through the client engagement process?


Q14: Do you know the sales cycle KEY touch points and how to measure them?


Q15: Do you know when to say no to clients?


Q16: Do you know when to use traditional vs online marketing tactics?


Q17: Do you test new marketing ideas with your target audience?


Q18? Does your brand story, graphic elements and logo resonate with your clients?


Q19? Do you utilise digital tools, systems or resources to manage mundane tasks?


Q20: Do you measure and report on the sales funnel to meet revenue targets?


If you answered NO to more than 5 of these questions, then you probably need to talk to us.


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