Once your small business requires more people to handle the workload you are going to need to hire the RIGHT people, for the RIGHT reasons in the RIGHT roles. To be successful this is not something you can do on the spur of the moment or quickly, as undoing a bad choice can live with you for a VERY long time.


The reason that hiring the right people is so important when it comes to a SME business is that they are going to need a certain amount of flexibility in cross pollinating across job areas as small business owners often cannot afford to hire a range of specialists full time.


The best approach for SME business is to identify and hire people in core positions that have a 70% specific skill and a 30% “general skill”, allowing them to cross pollinate job roles.


“SME businesses require people who think outside their job description & are prepared to do what is necessary to help grow the business. If they aren’t, don’t employ them, let them work for the government”.


Important attributes


Flexibility . . . prepared to help out in other areas of the business without whining and moaning or saying “that’s not my job”


Willingness . . . to think outside the box and learn new things so that they, and their job role can grow


Attitude . . .  willing to learn new skills, cross pollinate knowledge in the business, and proactively educate yourself to enhance your role. Knowledge can be taught, but mountains can be moved with the right attitude


Responsibilty . . . a SME business environment requires all employees actively take responsibility to play a role in the client engagement process at all levels.


How can marketSMARTS help you?


Through our alliance with Business Behaviour Solutions we can offer you assessment tools that help you identify the skills you need that are complementary to the team you already have in place, and then matches the skill sets of the people you interview to your working environment.


We can:


identify the right people for the right job

assess current staff

formulate interview, job descriptions and measurement criteria for performance

help you understand the legalities

identify skill gaps & training requirements


Please contact Janice for further information about developing your people