Smart Marketing

Fitting all those puzzle pieces together is a challenge


In making the decision to engage a marketing expert, many business owners are overwhelmed by the plethora of marketing advice and companies available. They all sound like experts. Of course they do, they’re marketers!

Some are excellent, some are bad, and most are mediocre. And then there’s the internet . . . for DIY marketers. So much information, which advice should you follow or discard? What is real, what is fluff, and what makes sense for YOUR specific business right now, at the current stage of your business growth?


So which of these Marketing types have you come across?


The Academic Marketer . . . tends to focus on theory and rationale but may lack operational awareness as to the current reality of your business.


The DIY Marketer . . . applies the nifty tricks they have self learnt or found online . . . but don’t have a strong foundation in understanding which techniques to apply to specific industry sectors or business management problem.

The Specialist Marketer
. . . qualified in a specialist area of marketing . . . but may steer you towards activities within this specialisation and lose sight of where it fits in the overall marketing strategy.

The Fluff Marketer
. . . tends to focus on advertising, promotions or pretty pictures . . . without fitting these activities into an overall marketing strategy, or putting in place measurement criteria as part of the business plan process.


What is a SMART marketer?


#1 – SMART marketers demonstrate a holistic knowledge across your business, understand the business planning process, develop a strategy first, with clear goals and objectives, build in measurable action plans, and NEVER just design a brochure, formulate a brand or a campaign without fully understanding the buying motivation of your customers and your point of difference.


#2 – SMART marketers won’t just blindly follow your instructions. They’ll ensure that all marketing planning and activities are validated against the business plan, and ascertain whether it’s important to “do the right thing” or “do it right”.


#3 – SMART marketers understand which tools or knowledge to use in specific marketing situations. People sell to people. Good marketers should help you understand the people you are selling to, how they think, how they act and why buying from YOU has a value to them.


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