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Most companies are successful when they do a small number of things really well. Sometimes, however, those things only take a company so far, and to grow further, the business must develop new capabilities.

If you operate successfully in one market, and you want to enter a new market quickly, how do you do that? Or, what if your sales suddenly increase, and you need a way to manufacture your product faster and more efficiently?

You could try to develop an in-house solution. But do you have the time, expertise, or infrastructure to support it? And if you want to stay focused on your core competences, which are critical for long-term success, you may not have the time or resources to take attention away from this.

More brains are better than 1

Marketing & Sales drive the business. Revenue and cash flow sustain the business. Everything else is the glue that holds it together. We give you access to an experienced team across the 4 main quadrants of your business, and you can access this expertise full time, part time or on a project basis, at a fraction of the cost of a salaried person, and without the related HR issues and bureaucracy. And if we don’t have it within the core, we’ll source the expertise for you.

Many kiwi businesses prefer collaborative outsource relationships to the “many employees corporate model” which gives them the freedom to work independently and obtain creative thinking from external sources, at an affordable cost.

Marketing & Sales

marketSMARTS – Assessments, Strategies, Training & Implementation
“Client engagement strategies to build long term loyalty”

Marketing is like playing chess.You need to know how to play the game strategically, not just jump about the board having fun. There are many people who have specialist knowledge in a specific area of marketing, who often try to give advice about the other areas of marketing. But would you go to your dentist for advice on broken bones? Also, there are those who acquire a little knowledge on the internet, but may not know the context in which to apply this knowledge.

And then there are the fluffperts . . . who are expert at hype, weasel words and motherhood statements.

The marketing and sales efforts can’t stand alone without people, systems and finance. We help you identify business gaps . . . point you in the right direction . . . choose the relevant expertise & resource . . . and how to put in place measurable tactics.

No fluff, weasel words or hype. Just powerful marketing techniques linked to operational management.

Bold Horizon – Brand, Media & Online Marketing
“We see what others don’t”

Wayne Attwell built Bold Horizon is the result of many years of hands-on experience working in, starting up, and running small to medium-sized companies. Over this time they’ve studied extensively at the University of Hard Knocks, honing their ‘street smarts’ and deliverability.

Bold Horizon have become known as The Results Agency in their ability to create brand strategies and campaigns that generate tangible results through a process called TrueBrand™  a proven strategic approach to improving brand value and increasing sales.

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The Financials

Love to Grow Ltd – Chartered Accountants
“Why just count the beans . . . when instead you can help them grow”

Trish Love is a Chartered Accountant with 20+ years experience in Chartered Accountancy and Business Development consultancy as well as Corporate Financial Management and Tax advice.

She is known for her innovative and refreshing “non accountant” approach in offering financial advice to help clients get to grips with understanding their numbers and how a small increase in sales activity can double your revenue. She loves networking and has an intuitive understanding of where the numbers fit in a sales and marketing scenario.

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The Systems

“Web software inspired by customers”

In business since 1999 Interspire develops website, shopping cart, knowledge management and email marketing software used by more than 40,000 organizations worldwide. Interspire are willing to go that extra step to provide you with great products and first class support every time you deal with them.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) approved – This means that Interspire has been independently evaluated and reviewed by BBB to meet their strict standards of businesss practices and ethics. When you buy from them you’re buying from a legitimate online seller with years of experience and thousands of customers.
  • Software is easy to integrate – For example, it’s easy to integrate Interspire Email Marketer into Interspire Shopping Cart with just a few clicks. No coding required.
  • They are a real software company staffed by a team of passionate, experienced people – They have dedicated teams of software developers, product managers, marketing staff and customer support professionals. They have big plans to dominate the web-based software industry and that all starts with creating the best, most easy-to-use software we can.

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Braintree – Streamlining your business
“There has to be a better way . . . and there is”

Haydn Virtue’s incomparable set of skills and life experience allow him to get to the heart of any small business and understand its individual nature. He has unique insights into developing people, process and systems across the business from a practical perspective, and focuses on getting all the parts working cohesively together.

His ability to understand the complexities and interrelationships of systems and processes that have been built up incrementally over the lifetime of a company, allows him to simplify and integrate varied and often disparate processes and systems. The resulting efficiencies allow businesses to increase productivity and control costs.

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The People

Business Behavioural Solutions Ltd – Behavioural Assessment Tools
“Getting your left and right brain thinking together”

Keith Randell works with clients to understand the suitability of people in their roles and responsibilities in their business. He is a behavioural psychologist and business consultant specializing in applying behavioural science to optimize people performance.

His tools have been developed to pin point an accurate path for developing people by understanding and measuring their explanatory, thinking, personality and conative styles, and in how this affects relationships, growth and change.

Keith’s behavioral assessments test personality style with % ratings in 4 quadrants, which provide indication factors for both IQ as well as Emotional intelligence.

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Roundpeg – Finding the right people
“Round pegs, square pegs, oblong pegs . . . we find them”

Linda Ashton is not just another recruiter. She looks at achieving the best outcomes for both the candidate and the employer. Their services include finding candidates for full time employment, contractors or part time specialist roles.

Her aim is to reduce the overall recruitment cost for the employer by customising the recruitment process to suit the specific business requirements and budget.

Managed Services

Whether you are a small business looking for that special person, or a large company wanting someone to manage your recruitment needs, Linda has a refreshing approach to recruitment. She actually listens, she doesn’t just move bodies around.

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