Braintree Ltd – Streamlining business

Haydn Virtue – Principal
“There has to be a better way to streamline your business . . . and there is”


Haydn has extensive international experience working in General Management in New Zealand, Ireland and Germany and in IT consulting in NZ and Australia.


His role as General Manager for construction companies in Germany and Ireland and for an importing and distribution company in NZ, gives him unique insights into developing systems across the business from a practical perspective.


Braintree was established in June 2008 in order to offer the SME business sector advice and assistance to optimize their business processes, systems and related IT tools.


Haydn has 12 years experience running small businesses and over 30 years experience in business systems and IT improvement, giving him a clear understanding of business and the issues and challenges involved, from a stakeholder perspective.


This experience has included developing, implementing and managing the solutions to the various issues and challenges, while keeping a firm eye on the bottom line.


His ability to understand the complexities and interrelationships of systems and processes that have been built up incrementally over the lifetime of the organisation, allows him to simplify and integrate varied and often disparate processes and systems. The resulting efficiencies allow businesses to increase productivity and control costs.


Most companies require systems that fit the company’s unique character and methodologies. To achieve this, a provider must understand and support this uniqueness with creative and innovative proposals tailored to fit. Haydn’s focus on understanding and thinking like the client along with his ability to take a fresh look at the systems from the outside makes Braintree the ideal fit.


Braintree can help to:


Review a current system or define a new one

Manage your IT projects

Assess and recommend vendors

Integrate resources and systems into a cohesive process

Identify software or hardware requirements

Highlight issues and problems and recommend corrective actions


Contact Janice if you would like to streamline your resources and systems