Bold Horizon – Design, Media & Online

Wayne Attwell – CEO
“We see what others don’t”


It didn’t just happen by chance!


We’d love to say we woke up one morning and had this incredible revelation about starting a cutting-edge brand marketing company. But it simply didn’t happen that way.


Bold Horizon is the result of many years of hands-on experience working in, starting up, and running small to medium-sized companies. Over this time we’ve studied extensively at the University of Hard Knocks, honing our ‘street smarts’ and deliverability, preparing ourselves to help your company to succeed.


We’re a specialist brand marketing company with operations in Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington. We work with clients in so many different industries and spread across the North Island. Janice represents Bold Horizon in Wellington.


We’re a small, but focused team, combining our core competencies to manage your brand marketing, media and online programmes. Our individual skills and areas of expertise complement each other really well, and where we don’t have the capability in-house, we engage our network of trusted associates.


We offer:


Marketing & Strategy


Performance Booster

Media Advertising

Real Estate Marketing


Brand Development


Brand Strategy



Design & Creative

Logo Design

Graphic Design



Online Marketing

Website Design

Website Optimisation

Keyword Marketing

Facebook Marketing


Social Media