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Janice Roth
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“Welcome to marketSMARTS. Please feel free to use our blogs, articles and resources as input into your own business or marketing planning . . . and I’m happy to answer any questions on how to use these resources . . . FREE of charge”


In over 25 years advising companies on their  sales and marketing choices, 70% of my clients have had a negative “marketing” experience where tons of money has been spent with very little return, resulting in the conclusion that marketing doesn’t work. Marketing does work . . . but it requires expertise, knowledge, skills and sustainability over time in order to gain traction, and an ability to identify which expert is the correct expert for your business requirements.


In making the decision to engage a marketing expert, many business owners are overwhelmed by the plethora of marketing advice and companies available. They all sound like experts. Of course they do, they’re marketers!


Some are excellent, some are bad, and most are mediocre. And then there’s the internet . . . for DIY marketers. So much information, which advice should you follow or discard? What is real, what is fluff, and what makes sense for YOUR specific business right now, at the current stage of your business growth?




#1 – Improve you sales and marketing effectiveness . . . recognise the difference between fluffperts and experts . . . understand how to  “cherry pick” the right marketing and sales strategies . . . and match this to an operational plan that is both EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE.


#2Understand where you are in your business evolution . . . whether a start up, or mature business, assess problem areas, identify market gaps, recommend actions, help you find or choose an appropriate support person, company or resource to keep you moving forward.


#3Build client loyalty and long term relationships . . . use review tools, ask the right questions, identify issues, understand client purchase behaviour, develop communication methods through traditional and online marketing methods, and how to measure progress and effectiveness.


#4Access to resources and experience . . . that would normally take a lot of time, and cost thousands of dollars. You can jump start your business, sales or marketing programmes . . . or tweak an existing programme by understanding where to find the “squeaky wheels.”




#1 – Experience across multiple industry sectors . . . Janice Roth, with over 25 years of experience in international marketing, sales and business management across multiple industry sectors, has developed alliances, partners and networks with expertise in Finance, Branding, People Profiling, Business Process and Systems, Coaching, Training.


#2 – SME and large corporate experience . . . resources based on experience gained in both large corporate companies and SME business . . . at a coal face hands on level . . . as well as in senior executive roles. Free blog resources, advice, articles and YES, some strong opinions for SME business who want to hit the ground running, and don’t have the head space, or the budget to deal with time wasting ‘fluffperts’ who focus on generating business for themselves, rather than doing the right thing for your business.


#3 – Extensive General Management experience  . . . finding those squeaky wheels, and developing systems, process and admin functions that improve efficiency across the business to enhance the  customer experience.


#4 – Walk in the shoes of your customers . . . understand the heart of the business owner, and the psychological reasons that will motivate clients to engage with you, rather than your competitors, and then develop communication approaches that identifies ‘your ideal’ customer, and turns them into loyal ongoing clients.


#5 – Holistic approach to your business . . . marketing doesn’t operate in a vacuum. You need to match Sales and Marketing Strategy to your Operational Strategy, use systems that measure outcomes to improve efficiency and effectiveness . . . and access resources to improve client communication.


#6 – Customise international learnings and best practice to suit your business . . . No one size fits all, but you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Very often someone else has already solved a problem similar to yours, just tweak it, and save yourself thousands of hours developing an approach that has already been proven.




Wellington, New Zealand . . . Janice Roth, originally started the business as J Roth Marketing in South Africa in 1997, relocated the business to Wellington, New Zealand as marketSMARTS in 2001 to 2012. Moved to Michigan, USA in 2011 and reinventing the business model as an online resource. Janice is still available to contact for any enquiries regarding consulting work or advice via email or skype, and should you prefer a face to face physical presence, Helen Down from Synthesis Marketing in Wellington, NZ is more than happy to work with you. She also owns and manages the company Advisory Boards New Zealand.


Michigan, USA . . . My USA operation is currently developing online services under the name businessSMARTSusa which will be operational from 2019. In tandem to this we are also launching the company AdvisoryBOARDSusa as an online resource for setting up advisroy boards for SME business.


Each business has different challenges, growth stages and skill requirements. We’ll help you identify gaps, what resources are required, and whether an internal or external resource is best suited to the situation.