Let us help you cut through the marketing fluff and white noise to help you REVIEW your business effectiveness . . . IDENTIFY issues . . . RESEARCH resources . . . RECOMMEND options for you to implement and measure realistic business programmes towards building repeat business and loyal client relationships.

WHY work with us?

In business for over 25 years, marketSMARTS  offers international business experience, across various industry sectors, to help SME business cut through the information clutter and point you in the right direction to access resources and realistic, practical advice through our New Zealand & USA alliances and partners. Even if you don’t use us . . . you can use our resources to help you choose the right fit for YOUR business.

What we offer you

We offer various business resources and advice across KEY BUSINESS TOUCH POINTS, with the aim of helping you focus on a specific outcome. You can decide whether you just want to access relevant information and reading resources (free) . . . some guidance to point you in the right direction (a free 1 hour skype call) an assessment of your current business situation (a fixed fee for 3 different levels)

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If you need to gain an understanding as to ‘where to from here” skype or email me, Janice Roth . . . for the best time you’d like to hook up. The first discussion is FREE to answer questions, gain an understanding of your business situation and requirements. If it’s not our team that is suited your requirements we can point you in the right direction as to where to go next.