Virtual Management Programme

A key challenge for most small businesses is to balance when to work ON the business and when to work IN the business. Making a profit, achieving a positive cash flow, generating business and motivating staff need to be juggled daily. In addition to this, many SME businesses can’t afford a full time manager in areas that require specific expertise, resulting in a negative impact on both EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS.

SME business in New Zealand

Did you know that around 92% of New Zealand businesses employ less than ten people, and that over 80% of small businesses fail in the first 3 years? There is an increasing demand for expert support, advice, tools and processes that are effective, affordable and practical. And it’s even more critical during challenging economic times.

Most companies need specialist expertise and skills in key areas to be successful in a competitive business environment. Unfortunately it’s not always affordable to employ a team of full time ‘experts’. Businesses are constantly faced with the dilemma of which expertise is most needed at a particular moment in time in order to achieve ongoing growth and reach their business goals.

Be effective AND efficient in managing your business

marketSMARTS gives you access through our Virtual Management Programme to specific expertise across the main business areas which drive your business.

  • CFO role: Finance and Accounting
  • CMM role:Marketing & Sales – online and offline
  • HRM role: Human Resources & People management
  • CSO role: Systems & Process
  • GM role: General management, admin and operations

Whether it’s an expert to manage your tax responsibilities, put the right people in the right job, develop creative client engagement strategies or improve business systems we can provide a cost-effective external resource that you only use (and pay for) when you need it.

We partner with a core group of people  whom we trust

Marketing & Sales drive the business, everything else is the glue that holds it all together. We link our marketing expertise to a few partners who we know, trust and have worked with, to provide our clients’ with core capability. This doesn’t mean we won’t recommend someone else if we feel they are a better fit, but the team we work with often is tried, tested and robust.

You can access this expertise full time, part time or on a project basis.

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