Most companies need specialist expertise and skills in specific areas of their business to be successful in a competitive business environment. Unfortunately it’s not always affordable to employ a team of full time ‘experts’. Businesses are constantly faced with the dilemma of WHICH aspect of marketing is needed at a particular moment in time, or HOW to select the appropriate expertise when implementing a project.

Business owners also get frustrated juggling the various providers across each of the marketing disciplines. These providers may be good in their specific area of knowledge, but are often “blind” to the aspects of marketing outside their area of expertise. This results in “pressuring” the client towards a solution that is perhaps not the best fit for how they like to work, or the best option to achieve their marketing goals.

Choose the right “mix and match” solution for your business

marketSMARTS offers you a “mix and match” approach according to the way you prefer to work, and where you are “at” in terms of your marketing knowledge level or the specific area of your business requiring the most attention.

Advice & Consulting . . . identify your business gaps, develop strategy, prioritise actions and point you in the rigth direction.

Up-skill and train . . . we train your team so that you can implement your programme internally, and over time improve the capability to DIY.

Outsource implementation . . . we do it for you – either marketSMARTS or an alliance partner who may be better suited to a “feet on the ground” scenario.

Virtual Manager Programme . . . we point you in the right direction, you implement the programme and we quality control and manage the process to keep you on track, prepare briefs and oversee vendors.

No one size fits all. You can insert yourself into the process at a point that makes logical sense in terms of where you are at in your business growth.

Select your options to suit the way you like to work

Step 1 – A FREE 1 hour discussion to understand your requirements and agree an approach.

Step 2 – Conduct a Checklist, Health Check or Full Review to establish an initial start point and identify which aspects of your business require the most attention.

Step 3 – Choose 1 or a combination of approaches in how you would like to implement your programme.

Step 4 – We develop a critical path and action plan outlining timing, responsibility, priorities and resources.

Step 5 – We implement or oversee implementation of your marketing or sales programme and measure outcomes.

Services across key business touch points

These services are are accessible through either marketSMARTS directly or through an affiliate partner who has “better working knowledge” of a specific discipline.

  • businessSMARTS . . . business strategy, viability, feasibility, challenge the concept, planning and diagnostics
  • marketSMARTS . . . marketing, communications, product, pricing, marketplace and targeting
  • salesSMARTS . . . setting targets, managing the sales pipeline, measuring effectiveness
  • webSMARTS . . . web design, strategy, e-commerce, copy writing, improving SEO, using social media
  • clientSMARTS . . . understanding the psychology behind why customers make purchase decisions
  • peopleSMARTS . . . finding the right people to do the job, outsourcing vs in-house, profiling, job descriptions
  • financeSMARTS . . . growing your business, understanding the numbers, cash flow analysis, tax & GST
  • manageSMARTS . . . planning, process, procedure and administration
  • systemSMARTS . . . using technology and systems to optimise efficiency
  • partnerSMARTS . . . forming complementary alliances and partnerships
  • infoSMARTS . . . using marketplace knowledge and client feedback to build loyal client relationships

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