You’ve either got a website, or are considering one. Large companies are often able to afford what they need, whilst SME business need to grow their websites in incremental phases, as their business grows. No matter the size of your business, your website is the window to YOUR world, and as such must accurately depict why your world should be important for visitors.

Outsource your web design or do it yourself?

It’s often difficult to decide whether to outsource your web design and development or do it yourself. Most SME businesses need to keep their costs down and may think that going the DIY route will be more cost effective. This may be true in that the actual web template is cheaper, but the cost in time, effort and “lack of knowledge” could end up costing you far more than the ACTUAL price of the website. So think very carefully and do your homework first. more on DIY websites

If you want to . . .

  • outsource your web design we partner with Bold Horizon for customised & SEO websites 
  • build your own website using powerful integrated E-marketing tools we partner with Interspire
  • if you want to build your own WordPress site we partner with Pixels

Why use marketSMARTS?

  • we DON’T develop websites in isolation . . . every website has a marketing and sales strategy sitting behind it
  • we build websites to engage with clients . . . not just for their aesthetic appeal
  • we think like marketers and business owners first . . . website developers second
  • we can offer you a range of choices . . . small template based sites to large E-commerce and customised sites
  • we offer low cost sites for small businesses . . . but that doesn’t mean low cost websites are less effective
  • we can advise you on copy writing content . . . to balance marketing content with search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • we understand how to build online capability which is complementary to your offline marketing programme
  • we are sales experts who know how to build online lead generation into your offline sales cycle
  • over 20 years in the industry building brands . . . very few situations we haven’t tackled

Find out what you need to do to improve your webSMARTS

1. Website Checklist . . . answers the question “have you done this?”
Cost: FREE

2. Website Health Check . . . answers the questions “have you done this” AND “is it a strength or weakness?”
Cost: $600

3. Website Review . . . answers the questions “have you done this” – “how well have you done it on a scale of 1-10″. Shows strengths and weaknesses. Highlights issues. Recommends corrective action.
Cost: $1,400

Contact us to conduct one of the above or have a chat to better understand your options