Business Gap Assessment

Peoples’  perceptions are also their reality, and becomes an important factor by which your clients will make the decision to engage with you, or purchase your services.

The Business Gap Assessment measures perceptions about your business performance, rather than ACTUAL performance, and can be used to determine 3 important areas across key business touch points:

  • perceptions between staff and management
  • what your clients think about your business
  • where your competitors stack up against you in the eyes of your clients

It is recommended that you conduct both an internal and an external assessment, the gap between the different points of view will give you a more realistic truth by which to align your business goals with marketplace communication.

The Business Diagnostic assesses 10 categories:

1. Business planning . . . strategic direction, leadership, management & vision

2. Marketing performance . . . market segmentation, identify gaps, pricing models, channels to market and differentiate your business

3. Market intelligence . . . marketplace knowledge, competitor performance, PESTE factors and client buying behaviour

4. Marketing communication . . . identify, reach and use appropriate traditional and online media to attract clients and get your message across

5. Sales performance . . . formulate sales projections, meet targets, generate revenue and manage the pipeline

6. Client engagement . . . convert prospects to clients, retain loyalty and manage client feedback

7. Financial performance . . . manage cash flow, expenses and reinvest in the business

8. Resource management . . . use of technology, systems, admin and people

9. Partnering . . . forming strategic alliances

10. Development . . . investment in people, knowledge, systems, new ideas, growth

The Business Diagnostic Report includes:

  • A scorecard rating showing overall performance across the 10 categories
  • a cluster graph
  • % of strengths and weaknesses by business category
  • Highlights issues against an industry norm, your own goals or client expectation

This will help you to match your action plan to the reality of YOUR business at THIS point in time.

Whilst perceptions may not be fact, when groups report a similar view there is a high likelihood that the view is accurate.

Please contact Janice if you would like to conduct a Business Gap Assessment