A key ingredient for website success

You’ve either got a website, or are considering one. Large companies are often able to afford what they need, whilst SME business need to grow their websites in incremental phases, as their business grows. No matter the size of your business, your website is the window to YOUR world, and as such must accurately depict why your world should be important for visitors.

Website marketing is about getting people to your site, convincing them to stay and to take an action. So if you had to do one thing right, what should it be?

Well . . . the secret is words

You were probably expecting something flashier . . . like special meta tags or coding or a secret search engine ranking recipe. The truth is that many websites just need more descriptive copy.

When many business owners build their websites they start by looking at themes, and color schemes, then worry over technology like flash and java script, agonise over graphics and visuals, and then cough up thousands of dollars to designers and coders to get that “cool” site. And then they get someone in the office who’s not busy at the moment to throw together some copy. It’s almost an afterthought.

All you need is words

OK, maybe that isn’t all you need, but words are THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your site. The professional that most people think they can do without – the copywriter – is the one who can have the biggest impact on the success of your site. No matter what your website looks like, plain and simple or a triumph of visual graphic art, if the words are right it will convert.

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