Hello from the main cheese

Janice Roth – CEO

Hello, and welcome to marketSMARTS.

In over 20 years advising companies on their most effective sales and marketing choices, I still come across over 70% of clients who have had a negative “marketing” experience where tons of money has been spent with very little return, resulting in the conclusion that marketing doesn’t work. Marketing does work . . . but it’s a very broad subject and requires knowledge as to which expert is appropriate for your business requirements.

It is my intention to help my clients understand the difference between fluffperts and experts . . . improve their marketing and sales knowledge . . . understand how to  “cherry pick” the right marketing and sales strategies . . . and match this to an operational plan that is both EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE.

“Marketing is about building loyal relationships  . . . pretty pictures and fluffy ads are a just a VERY small part of the communication mix . . . and do NOT drive your strategy”.

Smart marketing involves creative thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, knowledge about how your customers think and why they would want to buy from YOU.

Understanding which marketing expert to choose is the single most important issue raised by many of my clients. Marketers by default may be good at selling themselves, and when the client “doesn’t know what he doesn’t know” he is unable to discern which expert is the right one for his business.

Some marketing types you may have come across

  • the academic marketer . . . tends to focus on theory & rationale but may lack operational awareness of the situational reality of your business
  • the DIY marketer . . . applies the nifty tricks they’ve self learnt, or read about on the internet,and tend to implement adhoc promotional tactics with no strategy in mind or measurement. 
  • a specialist marketer . . . often has good skills in a specialist area of marketing, but may steer you towards their “specialisation” and miss the overall marketing picture. 
  • the fluff marketer . . . thinks the only answer to marketing is pretty pictures, talk, hype and PR, and will focus on activities rather than strategy. 

How do you weed out the Fluffperts from the Experts?

If even the SMART marketers find it difficult to differentiate themselves from the pack how can customers be expected to do so?

You can spot the SMART marketers because they understand a holistic viewpoint across your business, develop a strategy first, with clear goals and objectives, build in measurable tactics, and they will NEVER just design a brochure, formulate a brand or a campaign without fully understanding the buying motivation of your customers and your point of difference.

They’ll gain an understanding of your business, your customers and your operations, and won’t just blindly follow your instructions because that’s what you want. They’ll validate whether it’s important to “do the right thing” or “do it right”.

People sell to people. Good marketers should help you understand the people you are selling to, how they think, how they act and why buying from YOU has a value to them. Add in a mix of creativity, sincerity, honesty and be flexible, and you’ll acquire loyal clients who want to come back.


Working with marketSMARTS

I hope my business reflects the values I hold as a person, and the respect that I have for the discipline of marketing, but without the fluff. Good marketing really does work.

We listen. We respond. We tell you the truth about your marketing. We help to improve it. And if we can’t, we tell you who can.

If you prefer real marketing without the fluff . . . give us a call.
If not, then perhaps a “fluff and puff” agency would be a better fit.

Contact me if you’d like a chat and a coffee to discuss your options