Services at a glance

marketSMARTS offers you various products or services through a “mix and match” approach which you can select according to the specific area of your business requiring the most attention. And if you’re not sure which part of your business requires the most attention we can conduct a Business Assessment to establish an initial start point. This assessment looks at key business touch points and where you are at in your knowledge or business growth. No one size fits all.




Advice & Consulting . . . identify your business gaps, develop strategy, prioritise actions and point you in the right direction.

Up-skill and train . . . we train your team so that you can implement your programme internally, and over time improve capability to DIY.

Outsource implementation . . . we do it for you – either marketSMARTS or an alliance partner who may be better suited to a “feet on the ground” scenario.

Virtual Manager Programme . . . we point you in the right direction, you implement the programme and we quality control and manage the process to keep you on track, prepare briefs and oversee vendors.

To ascertain a start point for your programme you can conduct a . . .

1. Checklist . . . asks the question “Are you doing it” and summarises gaps

2. Health Check . . . asks the questions “are you doing it, should you do it and how important is it – report includes  a summary of strengths and weaknesses

3. Full Review . . . asks the questions “are you doing it, should you do it, how important is it, and how well have you done it – report includes summary of strengths and weaknesses, scorecard rating, graphs and a priority action list.

4. Business Gap Assessment. . . ideal to identify business gaps against an industry standard, your internal goals and external client expectation. > read more