Roundpeg Recruitment – Finding people

Round Peg is a recruitment services company offering your organisation a new way of managing the recruiting process. We work alongside your managers and HR team sharing our knowledge and managing the recruitment process on your behalf, under your employment brand, or supported by the Round Peg Source and Search team, if needed.

The aim is to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process, expanding your capability to reach into the direct candidate market, hence significantly reducing your costs and time investment.

Round Peg offers a step by step approach to manage your recruitment needs

They evaluate your current processes and systems, how and where you go to market (such as employment branding and sourcing strategies) and offer knowledge, experience and IP to enhance the hiring process.

Specialists manage the entire process for you, from understanding the purpose of the hire through to negotiating and closing the vacancy and ongoing management of your candidate pool.

Thinking ahead on your behalf

Source and Search

A ‘high-touch’ and candidate-centric team, focused on searching for and identifying high-calibre candidates thus providing a pool of candidates to clients at affordable rates.

Consultancy and value-added services

  • Establishing, recruiting and managing your own in-house recruitment team
  • Assessment, selection and management of external recruitment agencies
  • Selection and retention
  • Career development and transition
  • Hiring off-shore candidates
  • Recruitment planning

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