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Keith Randell – Principal
“Getting your left and right brain thinking together”


Keith is a behavioural psychologist and business consultant specializing in applying behavioural science to optimize people performance. He works with clients at a corporate or individual level to understand the suitability of people in their roles & responsibilities, their potential to grow, and what needs to be done to develop that potential.


Keith’s attention to Personality Style Measurements commenced over thirty years ago, building and developing sales teams and key individuals for New Zealand businesses. During this time he achieved an Australasian Four Star award for Colonial Mutual N.Z.


His clients have included Colonial Mutual N.Z. and Prudential N.Z., The Synapse Group, previously a subsidiary of N.Z Post, and The Open Network Group Australia and FSB Ltd.


As well as working with multinational companies, Keith critiques research papers from universities such as Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge and is following research at the New York Medical School with an interest in brain imaging and control areas.


Keith’s Behavioural Assessment tools


These tools have been developed to pin point an accurate path for developing people by understanding and measuring their explanatory, thinking, personality and conative styles, and in how this affects relationships, growth and change.


Keith’s behavioral assessments test personality style with % ratings in 4 quadrants, which provide indication factors for both IQ as well as Emotional intelligence.


They can be used to help assess the suitability of a person in their role. In addition they assess Conative style (a person’s operating ‘will to do’) including areas that a person resists, responds to, or insists in doing in aspects such as quick start, fact finding, follow through and implementation aspects of a role.


He includes indicators of self esteem, rigid thought, behavioural coping, emotional coping, naïve optimism and self image/self-worth. Combining all of these results in one manually assessed report is significantly different to most other computer based ‘one size fits all’ assessments.


Please contact Janice if you would like to conduct a behavioural profile on current or new staff