About us

 Welcome to marketSMARTS.

In making the decision to engage a marketing expert, many business owners are overwhelmed by the plethora of marketing advice or companies available. They all sound like experts. Of course they do, they’re marketers!

Some are excellent, some are bad, and most are mediocre. And then there’s the internet . . . for DIY marketers. So much information, which advice should you follow or discard? What is real, what is fluff, and what makes sense for YOUR specific business at a particular stage in your business growth?

“We remove the fluff from marketing . . . . keep it measurable & real . . . help you formulate operational tactics that are impacted by the sales and marketing efforts”

How we can help you

Whether a start up, or mature business, we assist in helping you recognise where you are in your marketing evolution, point you in the right direction, up-skill or coach your people, manage your marketing implementation or help you select appropriate vendors.

We use review tools to identify issues, develop realistic, practical marketing, sales and operational strategies through both online and traditional marketing methods, with the aim of helping you build long term client relationships.

We give you access to knowledge and experience that would normally take a lot of time, and cost thousands of dollars. You can jump start your marketing programme in a matter of weeks, or tweak an existing programme by understanding where to find the “squeaky wheels.”

Why use us

SME business don’t have deep pockets, need the expertise only “when they need it”, and often have to stop-start their programmes to suit budget or resource restraints, resulting in opportunities “passing them by.”

It’s easy to give advice, but much more important is to understand the heart of the business owner, and walk in the shoes of THEIR customers.

Janice Roth, the business owner, has put together a suite of services that are tried and tested through 20 years of experience in international marketing and sales, both at the coal face and in senior executive positions with companies such as Rank Xerox, Plessey Communications, Ericsson, Philips, Advtech, Telkom, Telecomm NZ. She also has extensive General Management experience in developing systems, process and admin functions that improve efficiency across the business to enhance customer experience.

“Many years preparing briefs and assessing the knowledge and competence of vendors and suppliers, allows me to quickly see who has the right set of knowledge, experience & skills to “hit the ground running” on behalf of my clients”

We look at your business holistically, have developed specialist services through alliance partners who have international & local experience in their individual disciplines to suit the New Zealand SME environment, at an affordable cost.

If you have no clients . . . you don’t have a business

The Marketing & Sales Strategy DRIVES your business. And to do this well it is important to understand the psychology behind why, how and when people make buying decisions, develop a marketing, communication & sales approach that identifies, qualifies and converts prospects into loyal clients.

The Operational Strategy SUPPORTS your business. And to do this well it is important to match resources to the marketing strategy, and where possible automate systems and admin for increased efficiency.

“People buy from people . . . not companies, and the energy of the business should focus on building relationships, loyalty and trust . . . the rest will follow”

No one size fits all. Each business has different challenges, growth stages and skill requirements. We identify which touch points along the business requires intervention, and recommend what type of intervention is required.

We’ll help you identify gaps, what resource is required, and whether an internal or external resource is best suited to the situation.

We’ll match internal expertise or an external vendor to your specific business requirements, budget restraints or resource challenges.